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03/24/2017RTA Form

In February 2017, the Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) Form was updated with fields marked 'N/A' for 'Not Applicable' in the 'Provided By' column for all Utilities and the 'Paid By' column for Appliances.

Please note you no longer need to complete the fields that are marked 'N/A.'

01/23/2017Lease Requirements

SAHA is required by HUD to ensure each lease specifies which appliance the landlord or tenant is responsible to supply. You can find additional lease requirements in SAHA's 2017 Administrative Plan, Chapter 9 General Leasing Policies

08/17/2016City of San Antonio's Green and Healthy Homes (SAGHH)

The City of San Antonio's Green Healthy Homes (SAGHH) provides assistance to owners and landlords of residential properties (single family and multifamily) in creating healthy, safe, energy-efficient and sustainable homes for families and children. The SAGHH is working to prevent and correct housing-related health and safety hazards, such as addressing lead-based paint, mold, household asthma triggers and fire hazards.


1. House must be built prior to 1978; AND

2. House must be located within City of San Antonio; AND

3. A child age 5 and under must reside in the home or spend at least 6 hours per week in the home; AND

4. Have a clear title to property; AND

5. Must be current with property taxes; AND

6. Household must meet HUD established Income Guidelines for families earning 80% or below of Area Median Income.


At no cost, work is granted to eligible applicants to make homes safe and sanitary for families to live in.

For more information, contact Cyndee Saldivar at (210) 207-4444 or