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03/26/2021Sign Up for HUD Landlord Email List

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) invites you to subscribe to receive periodic emails from the HUD Landlord Mailing List. The mailing list includes access to the Housing Choice Voucher Landlord Newsletter which is HUD’s new newsletter devoted to the landlord, property owner, and property manager communities.

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If you are already a subscriber and want to cancel your email subscription, you can also do so at the link provided.
03/09/2021Resume In-Person Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspections 04/05/2021

The San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) plans to resume in-person Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspections beginning Monday, April 5, 2021. Annual inspection notification letters will be issued to tenants and landlords beginning this month with the scheduled inspection date.

In an effort to promote the health and safety of SAHA employees, landlords, and Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) participants, SAHA staff will practice additional safety measures while visiting units, such as: wearing a face mask, keeping at least six feet of distance between themselves and others, and they will always knock on the unit door to request entry.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us by phone at (210) 477-6000 or by email at
01/12/2021Update to Requests for Rental Change

To Our Valued Partners,

In an effort to promote greater housing stability in the San Antonio metropolitan area, please be aware that effective February 1, 2021, any request for rental increase submitted after that date will be capped at 3% of the current rental amount. Additionally, requests for rental increases within 3% must still be found reasonable through SAHA's Rent Reasonable Comparability process.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our Landlord Liaison at or 210-477-6033.
09/28/2020NOW AVAILABLE: Electronic Request for Tenancy Approval

Hello All,


The Electronic Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) is now available! This will allow you to complete the entire RTA process online. The link can be found on the SAHA website Resources page.


When you need to submit the RTA packet, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Request for Tenancy Approval - Online” link to start the form and enter your name and email address.
  2. Enter your prospective tenant’s name and email address.
  3. Click “Begin Signing” and read the message that appears before clicking “Continue.”
  4. Complete your section of the packet and submit. 
  5. The tenant will receive an email notification to complete their section of the packet.
  6. Once the completed packet is received by SAHA, staff will send you Part II of the packet directly, which will request your financial information to coordinate Housing Assistance Payments.
  7. Complete Part II and attach the required documents indicated in the packet. 
  8. Once Part II is received by SAHA, staff will review and contact you within 7-10 business days. 


Instructions for this new process will be included in the briefing packet provided to the client when they begin their search for a unit.


If you have any questions, please contact SAHA’s Landlord Liaison at or 210-477-6033.