Landlord Corner - Bulletin Board

08/26/2019Update to Recertification Packets

Our Recertification Packet has been updated!

The Request for Tenancy Approval form will no longer be included in the Recertification Packet, but if there is a change in the responsibility of utilities or ownership of appliances at the time of recertification, the form may be found on the SAHA website Forms & Packets page.

If you need to request a change in the rental amount, the Request for Rental Change form may also be found on the Forms & Packets page.

These forms were recently updated, so please replace any previous versions that you may have saved as expired versions will not be accepted.

This change was made to reduce administrative burden and allow SAHA staff to assist more families, landlords and owners. This change will be effective with January 2020 recertifications.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department at (210) 477-6000.